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What is VertexFX Percentage Feature?

VertexFX with automated forex trading software & Trader solutions are supported with some main trading system functionalities with some state of the art features that can make the trading features more professional and containing more values. 

Hybrid solutions has endeavored to set-up this netting percentage feature for system owners and brokers under one system.

So, the Percentage feature is for distributing Traders Profit/Loss and amounts for Brokers and Sub-Brokers according to a specified agreed percentage.

Here is a simple example of two levels of Broker and his sub-broker:

Trader PL: -1000 loss

So, this Profit will be distributed as following : (1000 profit)

Broker 60% --> (1000*.60) - (1000*0.40)= 200$

Sub-Broker 40% --> 1000-200= 800

How to configure Multi-Level Percentage Feature?

Assume that we have a system owner and his Sub-Brokers with the following agreed percentage (4 Levels):

SystemOwner → 100%

Sub-broker1 → 85%

Sub-broker2 → 60%

Sub-broker3 → 20% 

Configure this feature for dealers as following:

Dealers Tree

This parameter to give the system owner privilege over all his sub-broker percentage :


Sub-Broker1 has no privilege on admin (systemOwner) he has the only privilege on dealers below him.


Sub-Broker2 has no privilege on admin (systemOwner) and Sub-Broker1, he has the only privilege on dealers below him (Sub-Broker3).

SubBroker2 Parameters

Sub-Broker3 has no privilege on admin (systemOwner), Sub-Broker1, and Sub-Broker2, he has no privilege on any dealer only himself (no dealers below him).

SubBroker3 Parameters

Configure these Percentages for clients as following:

Accounts Tree

SystemOwner Percentage on top clients tree node group ’100’ → 100%

100 Parameter

Sub-broker1 Percentage on group ’85’ → 85%

85 Parameters

Sub-broker2 Percentage on group ’60’ → 60%

60 Parameters

Sub-broker3 Percentage on group ’20’ → 20%

20 Parameters

Client overall percentage:

 Client Parameter

Go to the parameters for this dealer and change their “accounts tree privilege” to the specified clients tree node.

For example, change the account tree privilege to take privilege over ‘100’ group node as following:

Edit Dealer        Edit Dealer 85

 Edit Dealer 60        Edit Dealer 20

Where is the reflection of the percentage feature?

All these configurations will be reflected in Account status, flouting status, and settled status reports.

Here is an example for trade on EUR symbol that has -10,000 loss for the client:

Client loss

-10000 loss for clients means 10000 profit for dealers, so it will be calculated as following:

SystemOwner 100% → 10000-8500=1500

SubBroker1 85% → 8500-6000=2500

SubBroker2 60% → 6000-2000=4000

SubBroker3 20% →2000

1500+2500+4000+2000=10000  Total Profit.

Reflection on Floating Status report on systemOwner side:

System Owner Floating status report

Reflection on Floating Status report on SubBroker1 side:

SubBroker1 Floating status

Reflection on Floating Status report on SubBroker2 side:

SubBroker2 Floating status

Reflection on Floating Status report on SubBroker3 side:

SubBroker3 Floating status

Note: Client won’t be affected by any of these configurations, its only on dealers side.

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