Breaking News: Precautionary Security Notes
Posted by BahaaAldeen Al Momani on 21 May 2020 01:38 PM

Dear Valued Customer,

We are witnessing in some servers direct access to VertexFX DATABASE and an active usage for some of the Hybrid Solutions' special private server tools and API's that were put inside servers for Tech Support and Staff ONLY use like, Database scripts, Backoffice WCF and many others. It's STRICTLY prohibited according to our recommendation and system source intellectual proprietary IP which is protected by international Copy Rights and upon our brokerage agreement:

1- To access system code or attempting to reverse engineer it, including unauthorized access to our system Database or any of server existing Staff tools or Staff private API's.

2- Copy any of these tools, database or any application inside the server to any place outside. This is not only disclosing your privacy and ours but also, puts you in risk and others to the public.

We have never trained anyone outside Hybrid Solutions Company staff to work on those tools or staff API's as only Hybrid Solutions Team are allowed to do that within our regular 24/6 monitoring and maintenance job for your servers. Driving and maintaining your servers are our responsibility which we stay awake monitoring your system to make all our best letting it function the best performance as we can.
If you have access to your server, you are OK to do normal server-side configurations only like changing server parameters, rollover..etc but not attempting to do others like above mentioned or passing your server credentials to any person not within our records within your known organization staff.

Employees are strictly prohibited from doing that out of their work duties. Our EX-Employees are Strictly prohibited from accessing our customers' servers, contacting them YEARS after they leave or disclosing any of this private info to them, if this happened to you, you are kindly requested to stop them and contact us directly as we have to protect you and others against any disclosure for system private info and tools and we will do all needed actions to stop that kind of disclosure.

Our ACTIVE partners or ISV's are providing their plugins at their own servers or separate servers. You provide them and they are not allowed to access your VertexFX servers. Each ISV has a limited license to specific plugins and they can not sell or offer plugins or software to the public if they did not get approval for that.

For the above that is said, the following precautionary actions (as for this stage) will be done soon before 10-JUNE-2020

1- Deleting any Hybrid Solutions staff maintenance scripts or tools from any visible place at your servers and hiding them to a place not to be shown to anyone.

2- Securing the System Database by changing passwords and you will be requested NOT to reset it or try to access it without our consent which usually granted through ISV agreement only.

3- Stopping any STAFF used API like Backoffice WCF and making it private for our use only.

If you believe you did any of the above or you think any such action may affect your business, kindly contact SOON our API & Security Team by sending an email to explaining exactly your situation in order to provide the proper way you do your job without risking yourself, your system, others or Hybrid Solutions.

We always strive to offer the best service we can, your business stability is our priority.

API and Security Team

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