VertexFX Bridge LP API Tester
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Using VertexFX Bridge LP API tester you will be able to test your LP (liquidity provider) DLL, and run it through a detailed trading cycle.

How to test LP DLL using VertexFX Bridge LP API tester:

First of all, to start testing you should load your LP DLL from Tools menu. Check picture (1).


Picture (1)  


After loading your LP DLL the Init Values button will be enabled. Check picture (2)

2. Click Init Values button and initialize the DLL Parameters (username, Password, server, port number then enter the LP account ID).

Init Values

Picture (2)


3. Click Connect button to connect to LP server. Check picture (3).


Picture (3)


4. Then you need to test the disconnect method by clicking at disconnect button. Check picture (4).


Picture (4)


*Note: to get the testing result, check the status bar. Check picture (4).

To start trading cycle:

To test new market order method for a selected symbol make sure that you select the operation type (Buy, Sell), then put the amount, and click Make new market order button, logs part will show if the order is accepted or rejecte. Check picture (5).

new market order

Picture (5)


Note: There are two tick pictures beside the buttons, the left side will become visible with a succeeded TransResult, but the tick in right side will become visible when the event is accepted.

To test the close market order method, fill the LP Order ID box for the LP Order to be closed then click on Close market order button. Check picture (6).

close market order

Picture (6)

To test new limit order method,make sure that the operation type is selected, amount is entered and the symbol is selected from the list and click on the Make new limit order button, then the input box will appear as "enter the slippage value that the limit order will be placed according to the current price (+/-) this value"  then click OK. Check picture (7).

new limit order

 Picture (7)


To test  Update limit order method, make your updates you want from operation type list, amount and the symbol list, fill the LP Order ID box for the LP Order to be updated then click Update limit order button. Other input box will appear to enter the slippage value, fill it and click OK. Check picture (8).

Update limit order

  Picture (8)


To test delete limit order method, fill the LP Order ID box for the LP Order to be deleted and click Delete limit order button. Check picture (9).

delete limit order

Picture (9)

To test New SLTP order method, fill the LP order box with ticket number to be managed, amount, stop loss and take profit values then click on New SLTP Order button. Check picture (10). 

New SLTP order

Picture (10)

 To test Update SLTP order method, fill the LP Order box with SLTP order number, amount, stop loss and take profit values then click on Update SLTP Order button. Check picture (11). 

Update SLTP order

Picture (11)


 To test delete SLTP order method, fill the LP Order box with SLTP order number then click on Delete SLTP order button. Check picture (12).

delete SLTP order

Picture (12)




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