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This Enum is used to indicate dealer privilege type 
You can invoke it using VertexFxBOAPI.PrivsEnum , and the following are values and description for each value:

Value Constant Description 
126 AccountsSummariesPriv Privilege to get accounts summaries.
72 AdjustmentPriv Adjustment privilege.
67 BroadcastMessagesPriv Broadcast messages privilege.
18 ChangeDatesPriv Change dates privilege
65 ChartUsingPriv Using chart privilege.
47 Chatting_AcceptOrdersPriv Accept orders from chatting privilege.
45 Chatting_ChangePricesPriv Change prices from chatting privilege.
69 Chatting_GiveBetterPricePriv Give better prive from chatting privilege.
46 Chatting_RejectOrdersPriv Reject orders from chatting privilege
23 ChattingPriv Received order on chatting privilege
58 ConnectedSessionsScreenPriv See the connected sessions screen privilege
30 CreateClientsPriv Create clients privilege.
103 CreateGroupsPriv Create groups privilege. 
31 CreateOfficesPriv Create offices privilege..
51 CreateWhiteLabledOfficesPriv Create white labled offices privilege. 
73 CreditInPriv Credit In privilege. 
74 CreditOutPriv Credit Out privilege.
3 DepositPriv Deposit privilege.
97 DisconnectClientsPriv Disconnect clients privilege. 
98 DisconnectDealersPriv Disconnect dealers privilege. 
66 EmailServicesPriv Email Services privilege.
116 FeedsControlPriv Feeds control privilege.
80 FloatingStatusPriv Floating status privilege.
105 GeneralSymbolAnalysisPriv General symbol analysis privilege.
40 LimitStopOrdersAcceptPriv Accept Limit stop orders privilege.  
55 LimitStopOrdersChangePricePriv Change Price for Limit Stop orders  privilege. 
53 LimitStopOrdersIgnorePriv Ignore Limit Stop orders privilege.  
82 MailboxPriv Mailbox privilege.
59 ManagePositionsPriv Manage positions privilege.
75 ManualOpenClosePositionsPriv Manual Open/Close positions privilege.
42 OnOffAutoBrokerPriv On/Off auto broker privilege.
37 OnOffAutoLiquidationPriv On/Off auto liquidation privilege.
39 OnOffLimitStopOrdersAcceptPriv On/Off accept Limit Stop orders privilege.
38 OnOffSLTPAcceptPriv On/Off accept SLTP privilege.
1 OpenAccountsPriv Open accounts privilege.
5 OpenClosePositionsPriv Open/Close positions privilege.
8 OpenLimitOrdersPriv Open Limit orders privilege.
109 OptionsFilteringAddPriv Options filtering add privilege.
110 OptionsFilteringEditPriv Options filtering edit privilege.
111 OptionsFilteringRemovePriv Options filtering remove privilege.
108 OptionsFilteringSetBanksPriv Options filtering set banks privilege.
106 OptionsGeneralPriv Options general privilege.
25 OptionsSymbolSettingsPriv Options symbol settings privilege.
127 ParametersAutoPriv Auto parameters privilege.
121 ParametersCommPriv Commission parameters privilege.
123 ParametersGeneralPriv General parameters privilege.
122 ParametersMaxMinLotsPriv Max/Min amount of lots parameters privilege.
119 ParametersMReqPriv Margin requirement parameters privilege.
118 ParametersOffsetsPriv Offsets parameters privilege.
60 ParametersSpreadPriv Spread parameters privilege.
120 ParametersVisiblePriv Visible parameters privilege.
117 Report_AccountsInfoPriv Accounts info report privilege.
107 Report_AccountsStatusPriv Accounts status report privilege.
112 Report_DetailOpenPosPriv Open position details report privilege.
125 Report_MCallPriv Maintenance margin call report privilege.
100 Report_MOHistoryPriv Market order history report privilege.
99 Report_MoneyTransactionsPriv Money transactions report privilege.
85 Report_NetTradingLotsPriv Net trading lots report privilege.
102 Report_NetTradingLotsSymbolsPriv Net trading lots symbols report privilege.
101 Report_PendingOrdersPriv Pending orders report privilege.
124 Report_SMSPriv SMS report privilege.
113 Report_SummaryOpenPosPriv Summary open position report privilege.
84 Report_TransactionsLogPriv Transactions log report privilege.
81 SettledStatusPriv Settled status privilege.
115 ShowOnlineDealersPriv Show online dealers privilege.
21 SMSServicesPriv SMS services privilege.
4 StatementShowPriv Statement show privilege.
104 SymbolAnalysisPriv Symbol analysis privilege.
128 SymbolSettings_NewSymbolPriv Create new symbol privilege.
90 SystemDealers_AddDealerPriv Add dealer privilege.
95 SystemDealers_AddGroupPriv Add group privilege.
91 SystemDealers_ChangeDealerInfoPriv Change dealer info privilege.
94 SystemDealers_ChangeGroupPriv Change group privilege.
90 SystemDealers_DeleteDealerPriv Delete dealer privilege.
96 SystemDealers_DeleteGroupPriv Delete group privilege.
88 SystemDealers_EditDealerInfoPriv Edit dealer info privilege.
87 SystemDealers_EditDealerPrivsPriv Edit dealer privileges privilege..
93 SystemDealers_EditGroupPriv Edit group privilege.
92 SystemDealers_GrantRevokePrivsPriv Grant revoke privileges privilege.
86 SystemDealersPriv System dealers privilege.
83 TransactionLogScreenPriv Transaction log screen privilege.
29 TransferClientsPriv Transfer clients privileg.
2 UpdateDeleteAccountsPriv Update/Delete accounts privilege.
32 UpdateDeleteClientsOfficesPriv Update/Delete clients offices privilege.
28 UpdateDeleteDepWDAJPriv Update/Delete Withdrawal,Deposit ,Adjustment privilege.
68 UpdateDeleteOrdersPriv Update/Delete orders privilege.
6 UpdateDeletePositionsPriv Update/Delete positions privilegee.
71 WithdrawalPriv Withdrawal privilege.
0 NonePriv  For no any kind of privilege.
129 Report_LoginHistoryPriv Login history report privilege.
131 ShowClientsName See the clients name privilege.
132 ParametersBinaryPriv  Privilege on the binary parameter  (BinaryPayout , BinaryPeriod)

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