Linear Regression Intercept
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Linear Regression Intercept is one of the indicators calculated by using the Linear Regression technique. Linear regression indicates the value of the Y (generally the price) when the value of X (the time series) is 0. Linear Regression Intercept is used along with the Linear Regression Slope to create the Linear Regression Line. The Linear Regression Intercept along with the Slope creates the Regression line.

Linear Regression Intercept can be calculated from the standard equation for calculating the Linear Regression. The Linear regression statistical technique is used for calculating the value of one dependent variable when one has the values of independent variable or variables M. This is in the form of a straight line which “best fits” the data points of prices available, using the least squares technique. The Linear Regression Intercept is derived by using the same calculation that is used for calculating the Linear Regression line and solving for the intercept or price value at the first point of the x where x=0.

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