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VertexFX Backoffice API is an ActiveX DLL Component Object Model (COM) control that is supported in more development environments. Our ActiveX control and sample applications plug into all popular development environments.

Using the API you can build your own application that fetches your data, and be online reflected by any data or prices changes in your system. 

You can build your own sub management systems i.e. you can build a clearing system that uses the VertexFX Backoffice API and the coverage account system client API to clear your positions in any conditions you want.

How To Use VertexFX Backoffice API

All what you have to do for start receiving the API events or to be able using its methods, are to reference the {VertexFX Backoffice API} Dll, then define Object of type CVertexFXBOAPI class, after that call the following two methods: 



After calling the Login method, the Object will load all information and you will start receiving Events

VertexFX Backoffice API Help Index:


Reflection Events

Result Events

Properties Data Types
Enums Reports

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