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VertexFX Client API is an ActiveX DLL Component Object Model (COM) control that is supported in more development environments. Our ActiveX control and sample applications plug into all popular development environments.

Using the API you can build your own application that fetches your data, and be online reflected by any data or prices changes in your system.

You can build your own sub management systems i.e. you can build your own advanced client system witch has special trading functionality, that may be connected to another system API.

How To Use VertexFX Client API

All what you have to do for start receiving the API events and to use VertexFXClientAPI methods is to reference the dll {VertexFX Client API}, then define new object of type CVertexFXClientAPI.

To start working on our Client API you have to login to Valid Client account using the method Login.

But first you have to set login info using the method SetLoginInfo.

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