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VertexFX with automated forex trading software & Trader solutions is supported with some main trading system functionalities with some state of the art features that can make the trading features more professional and containing more values.

We are glad to introduce our new settlement feature. This feature will allow you to automatically reflect the settlement prices from the feed provider to the Bid and Ask values on the market watch whether you want to have settlement prices on a daily or weekly basis.

In order to configure the auto settlement feature, you need to configure it from the server side and from the Backoffice side.

On server-side:

Configuring the settlement from the server-side requires these steps:

First, you have to make sure either RTD (Real-Time Data) technology applications are installed such as Qlink and RtdBusWApp, or ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) Technology applications such as ICE XL, which are plugins that are added to excel office and connected to your feed provider account.

Second, you need to create an excel sheet on the desktop and name it as desired for example (settlement) so you can have all symbols that you wish to add a settlement price for them.

In order to add symbols to the excel sheet, please follow the steps below:

1- Make sure that the “Ins” is added to the excel and if it’s not added you can add it from Tools >> Add-Ins à Browse >> C:\Program Files (x86)\Interactive Data\RTD\ESRTDAddIn.xll >> OK.

2- Select the Cell that you wish to add the new symbol to it.

3- Click on the "Inserts ESRTD Quote Table" Icon, you will find it in the top right of the excel sheet.

4- Insert the correct symbol name as you can see it on your feed provider in the "Symbols" tab.

5- From the "Fields" tab click in the "Right Arrow" icon then select "Symbol" and the “New Settlement” columns then click in the "Up Arrow" icon to make the “Symbol” column listed first.

Note: you can add more than one symbol by selecting the cell under the table you have created on step 5 and click on “Inserts ESRTD Quote Cell” and enter the symbol name and the field (“Symbol” under symbol column and “New Settlement” under new settlement column).

The past steps will take the settlement prices from the feed provider and reflect them to the excel sheet if the feed provider supports settlement prices.

In order to reflect the prices to the currency server you need to do the following step:

6- From the currency server, double-click on the desired symbol for example NIFTY Q21-NSF, open the edit window, and insert the Settlement, DDE Link, with the row and column from the excel sheet. For example EXCEL|[settlement.xls]Sheet1!R2C2 (where “settlement.xls” is the name of your excel sheet and Sheet1 is the first sheet on excel, R for the row and C for column, and it must be separated from the excel link with “!".

On the Backoffice side:

For the symbols that you wish to take the settlement price to you need to do the following:

  • Go to Options >> Symbol Settings tab >> select all the desired symbols >> then right-click >> Edit Selected.
  • On the “General” tab >> check the option “Move Prices if the market is closed” Also, check the “Send Settlement Price After” and select the time in minutes that you want the settlement price to reflect your client’s market watch.

  • Go to the “Trading Times” tab >> select the “Weekly opening and closing times” >> this for weekly settlement.
  • For daily settlement choose the daily closing times period.


In order to close the client’s orders by the settlement to a specific client, group or office you need to be sure that the symbols took the settlement price as it came from your feed provider then follow the steps below:

  • Right-Click on the desired client, group, or office then select “Close by settlement”

  • Select the “Settlement Type”, your options are either:
    -Close Only: will close the settlement orders on the current settlement price.
    • -Close Then Open: to close the orders then open them again on the current settlement price.

    • With Commission: You need to check this option if you wish to close or reopen the settlement orders with the commission.

    • Select the desired symbols that you have configured on the server and Backoffice side then click on “Submit”.

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