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After login with the VertexFX account, you can start trading in various ways. Start by single-clicking on the desired symbol and then select trade.


From the trade page, view the Live ask and Bid prices to trade on, with a line chart that shows the price fluctuation. Just fill the desired amount to trade on and then choose whether to Buy or Sell.


Or by
 using the one-click trading option, This option can be enabled from settings where you can set a fixed amount for one-click trades to place trades without missing any market opportunity.   


Place Entry order easily and by one click, by selecting the Entry tab, a new window will appear where you can select the type of pending orders you wish to place (Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop), with the ability of placing instant SL and TP on the pending orders.

Account Summary 


Account summary can be viewed from Quotes, Trade and History. The Account Summary is updated in real-time according to Market movement and transactions done in the account to stay updated with your account status.

The account summary panel shows the following information:

Name Description 


The real amount of money a client has in his account.


The selected account for trading 

Floating P/L

The profit or loss the client gains or loses respectively, for all currently opened positions.
Equity Balance + Flt P/L + Credit
Free Margin Called also the Effective Margin, which equals Equity + Margin Req. (The Minus value indicates the possible danger and closeness to Liquidation). It means how many lots of a certain currency a client can buy with the money which he actually has.

Margin Level

This equals to (Equity/Margin Req.) * 100% (the bigger number, the better), it is the most important value that both the client and the market maker should keep on watching, because depending on its value, it can be decided how many lots the client can buy with the money left with him/her, and if the account is close to Liquidation point. If it was 100.00% or more, the account is on the safe side, if it was less, then there is a danger of liquidation to happen soon.


An amount of money put to the account of a certain client in order to be paid later (like a debt).

Trade Tab 

The Trade tab shows all open positions and open orders where clients can perform many operations on them such as normal closing, partial closing, hedge closing,…etc.

The trade tab consists of the following:

Name Description 


The name of the placed symbol for each position or order

Open Price

The open price for each placed market position

Current Price

The current closing market price for each placed market position
Type The type (Buy/ Sell) of each position, the type (Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy stop and sell stop for each order)


The amount of each position or order


The floating profit or loss for each placed position on the trade tab.

By clicking on any opened position or any opened order in the trade tab it will expand to show more information on the trades that been placed


Name Description

Order ID

Shows the order ID for each position or order


If it is set, it shows the commission in minus (-) sign for each placed position which will be deducted from the account balance

SL Amount

The price of stop loss for each placed position or order "If this position/order is managed"
T/P Amount The price of take profit for each placed position or order "If this position/order is managed"

Interest Amount

If it is set, it shows the interest amount for each position/order


The time and date for each placed position/order

By selecting any open market position, a pop up message will appear that has several options to control the market position:

  • Close position:
    To fully or partially close the selected position.

  • Close by hedge
    If there are open Buy and Sell positions for the same symbol you will be able to select the ticket IDs for the buy and sell and choose to close them by hedge.

  • Close All by hedge
    To close of open Buy and sell positions by hedge for the selected symbol.

  • Manage position
    Manage the opened positions/orders by placing SL/TP values, you can manage full position or partially.

  • Chart
    View the symbol chart that belongs to the opened position, for more information about the mobile chart, click here.

The Delivery Request Screen is opened whenever the client chooses the Deliver option, you can choose the item and click add to cart to deliver it.


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