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Public Event AccountStatementsResultReceived(NoRows As Boolean, DataArray() As System.Array)


This event is raised after requesting the account statement using the GetAccountStatement with a result from server according to the requested

statement report type.


Parameter Description 
NoRows Used to detect if an empty report is received or not. Value of type is Boolean
False: Means the report is not empty
True: Means the report is empty
ArrayData Data container that was filled in report rows, the result at the bellow result table

Result Account summary

 Data row index Column name Description 
Client Id  Client number for the requested statement 
Account number Account number for the requested statement
PrevMargin The initial balance value
Dep The margin In/out value
Trade The trading profit/loss value
Comm The commission value
Int The interest value 
MarginReq Used margin: Amount of money that a client can afford in his account to buy 1 lot of a certain currency
Credit Amount of money put to the account of a certain client to be paid later
10  AccIDPrefix The value that appears before the client ID
11  AccIDSuffix The value that appears after the client ID
12  Statement header The value that appear as statement report header
13  Statement footer The value that appear as statement report footer

Result for History statement 

 Data row index Column name Description 
Ticket ID  The ticket number for each history
Date/Time Date and time for each history
Type The Action type
L: liquidate
BL: Buy Limit
BS: Buy stop
SL: Sell Limit
SS: Sell Stop
SymbolID The history trading symbol ID
Amount The history trading amount of lot
B/S The buy / sell description
 1: Means buy / buy limit
-1: Means Sell  /Sell Limit
 2:  Means Buy stop
-2: Means sell stop
OpenTime The history open time
Open/SL The open price or the stop loss price for each history 
Close/TP The close price or the take profit price for each history
10  (Dp/Wt/Aj ) /RelatedTicket The money transaction amount / the related ticket number
11  Commission  The commission amount for each history
12  Interest  The interest amount for each history
13  P/L The profit / loss value for each history
14 SymbolName The history trading symbol name 
15 Method How the action was handled
“LIQ” Means liquidate

Result for Pending statement 

 Data row index Column name Description 
Order number The pending order number
Type The pending order type
“OP”: New order
“CP”: Close order
“LO”: Limit / Stop
“ST”: SL /TP

Buy or sell description
 1: Means buy / buy limit
-1: Means Sell /Sell limit

 2: Means buy stop
-2: Means sell stop
Amount Pending order amount of lots
SymbolID Trading symbol ID
Price Pending order price
ClosedTicket The related ticket number.
SL Stop loss price value 
TP Take profit price value
10  DateTime The pending order date and time
11  Comment The pending order comment

Result for Open position statement

 Data row index Column name Description 
Ticket The open position ticket number
Time The date and time for an open position
Amount The amount of lot for an open position
Price The Price value of an open position
SymbolID The open position trading symbol ID
SL The stop loss value
TP The take profit value
B/S Open position trading type
 1: Means buy
-1: Means sell 
Commission  The commission amount for each open position
10  Interest The interest amount for each open position
11  ClosePrice The close price for each open position
12  Comment The comment value for each open position
13  Ref Symbol ID The reference symbol id for each open position. 

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