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Public function LLV (ByVal Data As Database, ByVal Low As Field, ByVal Periods As Integer, Optional ByVal FieldAliasName As String = "")  As RecordSet


LLV indicator calculates the lowest low value.

Class: General


Return Type Returns object of type Recordset
Default Field Name(s) LLV 


Public Sub main()    

     Dim _symbolInfo As VTLGeneral.CSymbol=ClientCode.GetSymbolByName ("GOLD")

     Dim DB As New VTLGeneral.Database ()

     Dim RecordCount As Integer

     Dim m_Recordset As VTLGeneral.RecordSet

     Dim _historyData As object()

     Dim output As String

     Dim Record As Integer

     Dim m_Date As VTLGeneral.Field

     Dim m_Open As VTLGeneral.Field

     Dim m_High As VTLGeneral.Field

     Dim m_Low As VTLGeneral.Field

     Dim m_Close As VTLGeneral.Field

     Dim j As Integer = 0

     Dim i As Integer = 0

     Dim _recordCount As Integer =10

     m_Recordset = DB.CreateRecord

     m_Open = New VTLGeneral.Field

     m_High = New VTLGeneral.Field

     m_Low = New VTLGeneral.Field

     m_Close = New VTLGeneral.Field

     DB.RecordCount = _recordCount

     RecordCount = _recordCount

    'Initialize Recordsets

     m_Open.initialize (_recordCount, "Open")

     m_High.initialize (_recordCount, "High")

     m_Low.initialize (_recordCount, "Low")

     m_Close.initialize (_recordCount, "Close")

     'load high, low ,open and data

      _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory (_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day, VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_HIGH, _recordCount)

         For i = 1 to _recordCount-1

                m_High.setValue (i, _historyData (i))


        _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory (_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day, VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_LOW, _recordCount)


        For i = 1 to _recordCount-1

                m_Low.setValue (i,_historyData(i))


        _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory (_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day, VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_OPEN, _recordCount)


        For i = 1 to _recordCount-1

                m_Open.setValue (i,_historyData(i))


        _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory (_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day, VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_CLOSE, _recordCount)


        For i = 1 to _recordCount-1

                m_Close.setValue (i, _historyData (i))


        m_Recordset.addField (m_Open)

        m_Recordset.addField (m_High)

        m_Recordset.addField (m_Low)

        m_Recordset.addField (m_Close)



        Dim _indRecord As New VTLGeneral.RecordSet ()

        Dim gnl As New VTLGeneral.General ()

        _indRecord = gnl.LLV (DB, m_Low, 14)


        For i = 0 to DB.getRecordCount - 1

                Output = output & CSTR (_indRecord.getValue (_indRecord.getName (1), i)) & vbCrLf


        GUI.MsgDialog (output)


  End Sub


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