VertexFX 10.5
Posted by Mohammad Rahhal, Last modified by Diana Alkouni on 27 August 2020 12:41 PM

Hybrid Solutions is pleased to announce the new version of VertexFX 10.5, with the following new features and solved bugs:


Client Terminal:

  1. Physical Trading Functionality (Click Here to check the full cycle and features for the Bullion Trading). **
  2. Binary Option Trading is now included within VertexFX Platform.
  3. You may check the favorite plugins in a pop-up message when you are logged in to the system.
  4. Added new options in Trade and Net Trade panels (Close This, Hedge This, Close Profitable Positions, Close Unprofitable Positions, Hedge Net and Hedge Selected).
  5. Many vStore enhancements including automatic Download & Install.
  6. Enhanced the Popup Notifications.
  7. Restructured the system files to read/write from Common App Folder so it will not require to Run as Administrator.
  8. Enhanced the Plugins and Styles Manager screens.
  9. Added a new option to select how to show the Alert/Warning Messages on the system. Either to show it always as popup message box in the middle of the screen or to show it as popup messagebox in right bottom corner only when system is minimized or never show it at all.
  10. Added Rotating functionality for Text Objects (Text, Label, Price Label) with the functionality to put the Angle of your choice and the point of rotation. Also corresponding function was added to VTL.
  11. Enhanced the Full Screen Chart usability by switching to Technical Analysis tab automatically when switching to full chart, and back to previous tab when back to normal chart.
  12. Added the functionality to select from Net Trade rows to close all of them at once (not only one row positions).
  13. Merged the Description in the History Tab with the Comment column instead of merging it with the PL column.
  14. Added Net Information in the Trade tab where it will show some Net Information based on the selected (Checked) positions.
  15. Added Maximize on Tick Chart Window, so you can maximize the tick chart as full screen.
  16. Added New Position/New Entry Order buttons in Technical Analysis tab for quick trading access while working on chart.
  17. Connected the hot key (F9) to New Position instead of Trade Symbol in Market watch, so it will choose to trade on the symbol based on chart if exists, otherwise on the selected symbol in market watch.
  18. Removed the Max Font Size concept from all screens except for the market watch where this concept is applied. When you maximize any window, the font size will be larger than the default font size, however now, the font size will remain as is for all windows except for the market watch which we kept this concept (the font will be maximized with the window).
  19. Added (New Mail) button in the Read Mail form and in the right click popup in the Mailbox Tab.
  20. When replying to a mail, the previous contents on the mail body (Quote the previous contents) will be added to the mail body.
  21. Save the last state of the tool bars. When exiting the system and running it again, it will go back to the last state on command bars and ribbon bars...etc.
  22. Added new sound when the position is accepted by the dealing room (in case of Auto Broker is OFF).
  23. Added search functionality in the market watch to search for the desired symbol.
  24. When opening a demo account then the system sends the demo account Username/Password to the valid inserted e-mail address.
  25. Every client must accept the Risk Warning Disclaimer on his first login in order to be able to start trading using client terminal, this Risk Warning Disclaimer will appear on the client terminal only on the first login of each client.
  26. Enhanced the Close All By Hedge technique to speed the closing by hedge dramatically, even when there are thousands of open positions.
  27. Added new languages over the client platform.
  28. Added the ability to Hide the SL and TP fields in New Entry Order screen.

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Backoffice Terminal:

In addition to the client terminal features, the following features were added to the Backoffice Terminal

  1. Moved the Statement Header, Statement Footer, Commission/Interest Calculation, Margin Requirement Calculation, Auto Liquidate, Auto Limit/Stop Orders with Limit Stop Loss, Take Profit orders to Parameters.
  2. Added the functionality to control the Spread Balance to control where the spread is distributed between Bid and Ask.
  3. Delete Selected History Transactions by adding checkbox to the History tab where you can check what you want to delete, and then you can right click and select "Delete Selected".
  4. Added the Ticket ID beside the Limit/Stop and SL/TP type in the transaction log screen & report, where this ticket ID belongs to the “Open Market Position” to indicate which ticket this manage is associated with.
  5. Enhanced the managed orders (TP/SL) cycle in the transactions log by showing "Deleted" when closing a market position with managed orders, "Update" when closing partial, "New" TP/SL for an entry order that hits while having a TP/SL and any other possible cases.
  6. Added (Physical Redemption) type in the transaction log report to filter the reports' values according to this type.
  7. Enabled the disconnect session from the Backoffice for the web-service sessions such as Web Trader sessions.
  8. Moved the Mailbox to the admin section in Backoffice for easier admin access.
  9. In the Transaction log screen and report, we added the parent group name beside the name of the client in the account column to show from which group/office this transaction was executed.

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Web Trader

  1. Delivery Catalogue image will open as a popup image in lightbox instead of opening it in a new window.
  2. Released web service for Backoffice.
  3. Enhanced the Preferences in Web Trader to make the Market Watch Symbols checked by default on the first run to avoid removing the symbols from the market watch by mistake.
  4. Made the first tab in the Preferences in the Web Trader as Market Watch Symbols instead of Trading Cells Symbols.


  • Added a function to VTL Client (RealTime) that converts Unix Time to real time.

VTL Solved Bugs:

  1. Fixed the Units to accept decimals.
  2. Fixed many VTL Indicators Functions calculations.
  3. Fixed the Statement's Account Summary table for Physical Accounts to show the correct Summary values not normal Margin Accounts values.
  4. Fixed the Average True Range Indicator in VTL and Chart by applying the Average to the Indicator (it was a True Range mainly without applying Simple Moving Average), now it will be applied with the SMA to generate a real Average True Range.
  5. Fixed the auto scroll to the end of the chart and tick chart when appending new candles (each tick on tick chart, and when period time ends in Chart).


  • Supported FIX Protocol 5.0 SP2 Standard. The developers can do the client functionalities using the FIX protocol. Also they can receive the price stream using FIX protocol.
  • Added the ability to bypass the auto broker for both real and demo clients when you take new order by adding the following token #$CHAT$# in the comment field. Even if AUTO BROKER is on, with this tag in the comment order will be sent to the dealing room "CHAT SCREEN" and handled by dealers according to the dealing room regular configuration.
  • Added the following to the delivery functionalities to Client API:


  1. RequestDeliveryItems
  2. Deliver 


  1. DeliveryProcessEnum


  1. DeliveryItemsUpdate 
  • Added the following to the delivery functionalities to Backoffice API:


  1. AddDeliveryItem 
  2. UpdateDeliveryItem
  3. DeleteDeliveryItem 
  4. RequestDeliveryItems 
  5. Deliver


  1. DeliveryProcessEnum


  1. DeliveryItemsUpdate


Client Terminal:

  • Fixed a case for the ability to run the system after hiding the Ribbon tabs.

Backoffice Terminal:

  • Fixed a case for the ability to run the system after hiding the Ribbon tabs.
  • Fixed a case when editing Money Transaction from History Panel, the Comment field will be filled with the pre existing comment in the Edit window.

Currency Server:

Currency Server API:


  • e-Broker has been re-coded completely from scratch to support more accounts in more stable behavior.


Client Terminal:

  • Enhanced the Popup message visuals.
  • Solved the case when editing a history record with the (New) type that was showing empty type after editing.
  • Solved the case when not able to edit and delete Credit In/Credit Out transactions in the History tab.
  • Solved a crashing case in special conditions when closing some positions by hedge using the One-click Trading Screen.


Client & Backoffice Terminal:

  • Fixed an issue with the statement's Profit/Loss calculation for the symbols that have Reference Symbols with different Pip Location than the original symbol.


 Bridge Terminal:

  • Moved some of the installed Bridge files to the path C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Appdata\Roaming to avoid running the Bridge as Administrator.
  • The Custome VBL Scripts are saved to the same path C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Appdata\Roaming.


Client, Web Trader & Backoffice Terminal:

  • Fixed calculations of account summaries for physical accounts.

Backoffice Terminal:

  • Enhanced refreshing account summaries when edit/add accounts several times.

Web Trader:

  • Enhanced the web trader performance by decreasing logs.
  • Enhanced web trader online session handling.
  • Fixed a case when transferring a client from a group to another while the client is online which caused issue in web service.
  • Fixed an issue in web service caused by creating demo accounts or login with non-latin characters.
  • Fixed the calculation of Value and Holdings Value.
  • Fixed the case of History showing no symbol name when closing a part of a position.
  • Fixed the issue at closing a position when don't compute hedge option is enabled with no enough margin, a Not Enough Money message is shown to the client while web service is processing the order. Now both return Not Enough Money message.
  • Fixed an exception when canceling Stop Loss/Take Profit orders.
  • Fixed an exception when login without a username (called the web service without sending username).
  • Fixed an exception when Account ID is sent as 0 in special cases.
  • Fixed the reflection on Group login. When login with a Group, the user was not seeing the reflection of positions when taken by clients.


Client & Backoffice Terminal:


VertexFX Client API 10.5.13

VertexFX Backoffice API 10.5.14

Special Notes:

  • We sponsored the Smart Dealer VBL plugin which has been thoroughly tested. The plugin is developed by Accordingly, we have stopped supporting the Smart Dealer application in version 10.5.
  • For compatibility cases when developing plugins for VertexFX 10.5, it is required to use VertexFX APIs of version 10.5.
  • For Any already developed applications using the old versions of the API, developers should re-reference their projects with the new APIs after re-downloading and re-installation the new API Kit. 
  • Already made VTL projects are still supported.


Client & Backoffice

  • Solved the run as admin issue by saving all files in User's AppData folder. Now you can run the system without the need to run it as admin.
  • Enhanced the network connection the for entire client and server applications.
  • Added the ability to make Limit/Stop orders hit by High/Low beside the usual Bid/Ask prices. The option can be enabled from the server side.
  • When uninstalling the terminal, you will need to use Administrator credentials to uninstall when using a limited user.


  • Fixed an issue saving chart's template for special cases which caused a warning message to appear.
  • Fixed an issue when attaching a script on a chart while it is still in waiting mode.
  • Ability to hide or show Cash, Assets Value and Holdings Value per package.
  • Fixed a case when the interface file is corrupted, to load the default interface instead.
  • Fixed the message (Cannot close positions due to market condition) when closing too many positions at once.
  • Solved an issue when closing a VTL form created by VTL code.


  • Fixed a special case of not applying changes on many selected symbols.

Web Trader: 

  • Money Payment URL link added in WebTrader Home Page to show Money Gateway.
  • Applied REF0 in value and PL when reference price is 0 in a special case.
  • The WHOID will be the logged in client/group not the selected client (it was showing the WHO as the selected client even if you are logged in with a group).
  • Fixed a reflection case on the groups.
  • Several fixes on server side web service.

VTL Client: 

Added the following Event:

Added the following Chart operation:

Added the following  Array function:

Added the following String function:

Added the following Trade functions:

Added the following Account Information:

Added the following TimeSeries:

Added the following Enum:

Added the following Technical Indicator:

Added the following Technical Analysis Function:

Added the following GUI Function:

VTL Server:

Added the following Trade functions:

Added the following Market Information:

Added the following Data type:

Added the following At Field Objects:

Added the following General Indicator:


Added the following Events:

Added the following DataTypes:

Added the following Methods:

Backoffice API

Added the following events under the result events:

Added the following methods:

Added the following Result Events:

Added the following Enums:

Added the following Data Types:

Currency Server API

Added the following Methods:

Bridge LP API

Added the following methods and properties:

Added the following Overridden Methods:

Added the following Types:

Added the following Cycle:


Added the following Overridden Methods:


Client & Backoffice

  • Fixed loading plugins at the vStore tab.


  • Fixed loading plugins at the vStore tab.


 Backoffice API

 Added the following prameters:

Added the following to the Methods:

Client API 

Added the following to Methods:

Added the following to Result Event:

Added the following to Enums:



Client & Backoffice

  • Enhanced performance when the account has more than 150 opened positions.
  • Suppressed some features to avoid terminal overload.
  • Current Price and Value column have been suppressed from the Trade tab and Net Trade Tab.
  • Solved the DDE issue, the client be able to get price using DDE either from backoffice terminal or client terminal using the same PC.



  • Fixed the Accounts Status report value for Margin Level when it is negative.
  • Direct reflection for clients transferring so no need to re login to see the newly transferred client.


  • When the dealer moves a logged in client using his backoffice from group to another,  the client will auto login.

Client & Backoffice API

  • Direct reflection for clients transferring so no need to re login to see the newly transferred client.
  • Fixed Server-side sending the same transaction to dealers/clients to avoid duplication in third party plugins.

Web Trader

  • New fixes for Backoffice Web Service reports.
  • Fixed Stop Loss order reflection when updating limit order from Web or Mobile.
  • Several fixes and enhancements for web Log Files.
  • Use the user IP instead of the sent parameter when opening new demo account to avoid error of WAITDEMO.

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