VertexFX 10.2
Posted by Mohammad Rahhal, Last modified by Diana Alkouni on 01 September 2020 03:47 PM

Hybrid Solutions
 is pleased to announce the new version of VertexFX 10.2 , with the following new features and solved bugs:

New Features

Client terminal:

  • Ability to load custom styles for the system, from now any client can load any custom ULF by importing the ".vfxstyles" file, or any other ".msstyles" file, which will color the entire system.
  • Enhanced showing any popup form by removing the (Always on Top) concept which was making the form always on top and not user friendly. Now the forms will be shown according to the Owner Form concept, and the form will not be always on top when focusing on another application.

  • Enhanced the Read Mail form, for better viewing of the email in case of hyperlinks.

  • Enhanced the popup message that appears when new email received, by making it open the mail directly when clicked on the button, instead of going to Mailbox.

  • Saving the chart's template will save the built-in indicators as well as the Custom Indicators and the running scripts, to be used on any other chart when applying the template to it.

  • When you close the system, it will save the chart's built-in indicators, as well as the Custom Indicators and the running scripts to be run on the next system launch.

  • A (New) image will be shown in the News tab when new news came, while the tab is not activated.

  • Added the ability to add a comment to the Orders/Positions.
  • Added shortcuts for Buy (Ctrl + B), Sell (Ctrl + S), Close (Ctrl + C), and Close by Hedge (Ctrl + H) in the one click screen.

Backoffice terminal

As same the new features of the client terminal, plus:

  • Accept/Reject Selected Positions/Orders in the Chatting screen.
  • A new option for the Spread parameter was added to choose either a fixed spread, or Source + spread.

  • Added Inherit All option on the parameters popup, which will make all the clients' parameters inside a group/office as inherit.

  • Show Mobile/Web in transaction log's IP column whenever the WCF service is accessed from a mobile device or Browser.

  • Added "Online Sessions" option in the Accounts Tree, to give you the ability to check the online sessions for the selected group/office.
  • Added more columns in the Account Status report.
  • Added two columns (Total Commission, and Total Trading Profit/Loss) to the Account Status Report.

VTL Client:

  • AccountSelected event, added the selected account ID on the parameters, so you can get the selected account ID once selected. Note that the signature of the function is changed now due to this.
  • Added SetDrawingStyle and SetArrowStyle function to change the style of drawing the series in case of line chart (Line, Dots, Arrows with different styles).

  • Added SetSeriesStyle function to switch between Volume Chart or Line Chart styles.

  • Added a new property for ObjectSet function which is (Visible), which will make the Object visible or not.

  • Added GetOpen, GetHigh, GetLow, GetClose, GetTime functions to get the specified value according to the provided record number.

  • Added CurTime, UnixTime, ServerGMT in the Utility functions to get the specified data.

  • Added SetChartScale, GetSubWindow in the chart operation functions to change the chart scale for the chart, and to get the sub window for the specified series name.

  • Added the ability to run multiple VTL Scripts on the same chart, and on multiple charts.

  • Added new function to close multiple positions at the same time with the same server message.
  • Added new function "OrderGetInteger" which gives an integer value for the corresponding Order.
  • Added new function "EndScript" which is used to stop the running script Programmatically.

VTL Editor:

  • Enhanced the saving/loading of the customized buttons and overall enhancements.


Solved bugs

Client terminal

  • Fixed the Darvas Box button indicator when loading a template.
  • Hide the Open Demo Account button from the customization screen when it is disabled from the system package.
  • Minor bugs solved.

  • When the user don't have privilege to access the sound files in the platform, the system was hanging. Now it will work fine without sounds.

Backoffice terminal:

   As same the solved bugs of the client terminal, plus:

  • Fixed the (Interest, Commission, and Profit/Loss) text fields in the Manual Close Position screen to accept 2 decimals instead of integer numbers only.

  • Solved the check of symbols in Client Parameters, Dealer Parameters, and Symbols Settings tab, when you un-check one symbol it was causing all the symbol to be unchecked.

  • Fixed the (Interest) text field in the Manual Open Position screen to accept 2 decimals instead of integer numbers only.
  • Minor bugs solved.

  • When the user don't have privilege to access the sound files in the platform, the system was hanging. Now it will work fine without sounds.

VTL Editor

  • Solved the case when open script from the file to the editor directly without using the Terminal.


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