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Public Function NewSLTPOrder(Ticket As Long, Lots As Double, Optional SL As Double =0 , Optional TP As Double =0) As Boolean


This function is used to create a manage order at specific ticket number.To get result from the server, you have to consume OnOrderTrade event.


Key Description 
Ticket Postion number to create manage order on it, a value of type Long.
Lots Amount of lots, a value of type Double.
SL Stop loss, a value of type Double.
TP Take Profit, a value of type Double.

Return value

Returns true if successful, otherwise returns false. In order to get an error, call GetLastError() function.


 Public Sub main ()

 If AccountInfoInteger (ACCOUNT_LOGIN) Then

 Dim Ticket


 Dim lot
 Dim Symbol
 Dim Bid 
 Dim Ask 
 Dim price


 Symbol = ChartSymbol (0)
 SymbolInfoDouble cstr (Symbol), SYMBOL_BID, Bid
 SymbolInfoDouble cstr (Symbol), SYMBOL_ASK, ask
 Ticket = PositonGetTicket (1)
 PositionSelect Clng (Ticket)
 PositionGetDouble POSITION_AMOUNT, lot
 PositionGetDouble POSITION_OPEN_PRICE, Price
 If( GetPositionSymbol() = Symbol) then 
 If (GetPositionType() = TRADE_ACTION_BUY) then 
 If NewSLTPOrder(Clng(Ticket), cdbl(lot),Bid - price , 0 ) = false then 
 AlertMessage ErrorDescription(GetLastError())
 End IF 
 End IF 
 End IF 
 End IF
 End sub

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