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VertexFX API Description Index
Posted by Mohammad Rahhal, Last modified by BahaaAldeen Al Momani on 14 June 2021 04:49 PM

VertexFX API Index:

VertexFX Client API's/ VTL: VertexFX BackEnd API's:


This article explains to you all the details about the ISV and the tools that they can use to develop a VTL script or any other third party applications.

VertexFX VTL Client/Server side

- You may use VertexFX VTL Client or Server side, and you'll be able to develop your own Chart based scripts, auto trades, robots, alerts or custom indicators and run them locally on your PC, or run them over the server side to be executed while you are offline.

For more information about VTL Script Index, select the following:


Get Demo Account From VertexFX Client

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VertexFX WCF Service

- If you are willing to build applications to integrate any of the market watch and trading operations with Hybrid Solutions clients use VertexFX WCF Service. 

VertexFX Backoffice WCF Service

- If you are willing to build applications that will use VertexFX Backoffice WCF Service, This API is compatible with version 10.4 and above. It's a Primitive WCF version the the VertexFX ActiveX DLL and does not support all of its functionality. We decided to start with this version with the most important methods. 


- To use FIX protocol, the VertexFX FIX API is available to enable our counterparties to migrate their current connections to VertexFX through FIX protocol, and enables on-boarding of new counterparties as well, VertexFX FIX API fosters a seamless flow of real-time data between market participants. This specification is written to meet FIX 4.4 standards.

Backend APIs

- There are Backend APIs to give you the capability to integrate your system with or build your own customized feed or other server side integration.

For more info about the servers' APIs please check these links:

Get Backoffice Demo Dealer

Get a Backoffice Demo Dealer

  • Using the VTL, you be able to develop your own Chart based scripts, auto trades, robots, alerts or custom indicators.
  • Using the WCF you can build your own non-windows application which acts like the Client API ActiveX DLL, such like your own web market watch, web price ticker or mobile trader.

We would like to recommend you to register as an ISV, one of our VertexFX Partnership Program, please visit this link:


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Once you are a Certified ISV by Hybrid Solutions, you will get a full VertexFX API KIT with the required access info to add your own plugins into VertexFX vStore area for marketing and selling them to VertexFX world wide network.


Besides, you can register at our dedicated Projects Zone area as Developer and start bidding for the submitted projects there.


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