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This is an easy and friendly supporting Help which is an HTML based on-line help. This Help allow you to concentrate on whatever part of the Client you need to learn about by automatically laying out generated topics in a consistent and professional style.

Check what’s New in VertexFX Client Terminal Release 11.

Getting Started

The easiest way to find out whatever you need to know about the smallest details in the Client side is.

either to:
Select the part of the Client Window you want to learn about and press F1, then the Help window will open to you with the specific topic you desired.

Go to the Help Menu at the Menu bar and choose Help Topics (F1), when the Help window appears to you, at the lower side of it there are the index links, and by clicking on the desired topic it will open for you.

When the Help window appears to you, you can go to the search tab and type-in the topic you want to know about in the text field then press Enter. So that all topics related to the word(s) you typed-in are listed and you can choose whichever most suites what you are looking for.

Check beginners guide to VertexFX Client Terminal.

VertexFX Client Help Index:

Panels & Toolbars
Tree Management Charts Market Watch

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