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Event TransactionLog(ByRef ClientID As Integer,ByRef AccountID As Integer,ByRef TicketOrder As Integer,
ByRef Trans As Short,ByRef TransType As Short,ByRef TransSubType As Short,ByRef IP As String,ByRef Amount As Double
,ByRef WhoType As Short,ByRef WhoID As Integer,ByRef Method As String,ByRef Commission As Double,
ByRef Interest As Double,ByRef Price As Double,ByRef ClosePrice As Double,ByRef SymbolID As Integer,
ByRef BuySell As VertexGeneral10.OperationTypeEnum,ByRef TicketOrder2 As Integer,ByRef TransTime As String,
ByRef TransID As Integer,ByRef RefSymbolPrice As Double,ByRef ProfitLoss As Double)


Fire when the API receives a report from the server that any transaction operation has been done.


Part Description 
ClientID Associated Client number, value of type Integer.
AccountID Associated account number, value of type Integer
TicketOrder The number for ticket/order, value of type Integer
Trans The status of transaction, its value equal either of: 1 means New , 2 Update, 3 Delete
TransType The type of the transaction, its value equal either of: 1 means New Position, 2 Liquidate Position, 3 Money Transaction (depends on TransSubType value), 4 Take Profit/Stop Loss Transaction, 5 Limit/Stop Transaction

If the TransType equal (3 Money Transaction), then its value equal: 1 means "Deposit", -1  "Withdrawal", 2 "Adjusment",  3 "Credit In", -3  "Credit Out".

If the TransType equal (5 Limit/Stop Transaction), then its value equal: 1 means "Buy Limit Type", -1 "Sell Limit Type", 2 "Buy Stop Type", -2 "Sell Stop Type"

IP The IP address, value of type String.
Amount Amount of lots, value of type Double
WhoType Its value either of 1 means Dealer or 2 mean client
WhoID Dealer ID (If its value less than 0, this means by System)
Method The method of transaction, value of type Sting
Commission Commission value, value of type Doube.
Interest Interest value, value of type Double
Price Open price for the open position, value of type Double.
ClosePrice Closing price, value of type Double
SymbolID Trading symbol ID , value of type Integer
BuySell Operation type ,value of type OperationTypeEnum
TicketOrder2 Open position ID if TransType equal 2 (Liquidate Position)
TransTime The time of the transaction, value of type String.
TransID The ID of the transaction, value of type Integer.
RefSymbolPrice The Reference Symbol's Close Price, value of type Double
ProfitLoss Profit/ loss value, value of type double


Use this event to know if any transaction operation take place at the server within the logged in dealer tree privilege.

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