VertexFX 9.5.1 to 9.5.20
Posted by Yousef Ibrahim, Last modified by Angham Al-Banawien on 31 May 2018 10:35 AM

1) Canceled Orders Timing:
Canceled orders will have two timing manners; open timing for the canceled orders, and the time for cancelation.

2) Spread Formula:
Now as a dealing room, you have two options to calculate the spread, the first one is using the traditional way, which is the average of both ask and bid prices, and the second one is the difference between bid and ask prices.

3) Managing Limit and Stop Orders:
You can get the dialog box for managing the Limit and Stop Orders, by double clicking over the Stop loss or Take Prophet orders appears in the trade window.

4) Replying Emails:
Now both clients and dealing room have the ability to send and receive mails between each others, since our system now have the feature of replying Emails.

5) New style for Pending Orders:
The Pending window has been removed, and trade window has been updated to list the pending orders, in a new style, where you can find the red text “ Pending Orders” as a separator, and all pending orders listed below it.

6) Reports Generating Enhancement:
The filling of data in all list views has been enhanced, so the speed of generating any report becomes faster and more stable.

7) Price Navigation Buttons:
You have opened a new order manually and you want to change the default prices listed there, from now you don’t need to retype it, just use the new navigation buttons to reach the required value that you want.

8) More comfortable Windows:
Now our system has windows that considered being more fixed, stable and comfortable, that avoid user confusion.

9) Account history window with no abbreviations:
Now you will get the descriptions of the parameters in full words with no abbreviations.

10) Distinguishable borders for Trades and pending orders:
A bar is used to make a border between Trade orders and pending positions, to make it more friendly.

11) Online live update:
A new packaging technique with high performance, to make a live update for the system, automatically without human cooperation, just to select yes for proceeding or no for canceling.

12) Solved Bugs:

  • Some times and in unexpected situations, when a history report generated for a specific account, the symbols column appeared empty at some items; many symbols appeared missing, this case has been solved.
  • Our clients who are using Windows 7 as operating system have faced a case, where the list views that have a date and time such as the trade window, did not generated completely, and after a deep investigation we have found that separators used in Windows 7, for dating and timing, are completely different than used in eldest versions of Windows, so the bug was solved.
  • In the situation when a session at backoffice or client has been disconnected due to the connection of another session, the login history didn’t save and display the first session, and considered that only one session has been connected (the second one), this case has been solved.
  • An icon has been used in the system, next to the account ID, which used to show if the account is online or not, in some cases some clients shown to be offline ( icon was not highlighted ) although they were working online and making trades, this case has been solved.
  • Text Overlapping, a case that happened for users at the list views, that make a kind of confusion for them, we have made an enhancement for data displaying to avoid such cases.
  • A case happened when generating Net Position Report, where some symbols, shown no open positions, although clients have opened positions, this case have been solved.
  • Adding some objects to the chart, made it unstable and slow, an old case that have been solved.
  • A case was happened for clients, when the chart was loading, and the client tried to scroll the chart, it has been solved and many enhancements have beed done to the charting system.

Released On August, 09, 2010

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