VertexFX 9.1
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Hybrid Solutions is proud to announce about the new version of VertexFX Trader 9.1.0 which has the following features:

1) Full Screen Chart:
Show you the chart in full screen mode.

2) Full Screen Market Watch: 
Show you the market watch in full screen mode.

3) New hot keys for the system to make it easier for you using the system:
You can see the shortcuts in the system using (Help --> Hot Keys). The new hot keys are:

  • - F9 ------------------- New Order.
  • - Delete -------------- Hide Symbol From MW.
  • - F8 ------------------- Chart For Selected symbol.
  • - Ctrl + G ------------- Grid for Chart.
  • - Ctrl + B ------------- Object List.
  • - Ctrl + I ----- -------- Indicator List.
  • - F11 ------------------ Full Screen Chart.
  • - F10 ------------------ Full Screen Market Watch.
  • - Insert --------------- Show Hide Symbols.
  • - Ctrl + space -------- Highlight a symbol in the market watch.
  • - Shift + space ------- remove the Highlight from a symbol in the market watch.

4) Font setting in market watch:
You can change the Font Settings for the MW, You can change Font name, style, size, underline, strike through and color.

5) Attach orders to charts:
On Orders window or Pending Orders Window, Right Click on any order or pending order, then select attach to chart, Horizontal Lines will be attached to chart which represents that order.

6) Add indicators on the chart panel:
The Indicators Will be added automatically in the chart panel or in new panel according to the indicator type.

7) Double click Speed scrolling on chart:
The Speed Scrolling is now always on and can be performed by double clicking on the chart and hold the second click.

8) One Click Trading Screen:
That's new trading simplicity behavior. One screen is invoked by double click on the symbol through which trader can take market order, Limit/stop order, Close position or hedge positions all by one click.

9) Chart Enhancements:
Now You can easily add Objects and Drawings to the Chart, and edit them by changing there colors, and moving them wherever you want inside the chart easily by selecting the object then drag it wherever you want inside the chart.

10) Templates Exchanging:
You can Share your Templates and Studies about the chart with others or take the templates from others easily.
Only you need is to Copy/Paste The template that you want From/To (C:\Program Files\'Company Name'\Templates), Then Re-open your system to see the new template found in your templates area.

11) Solved Bugs:
- When adding an indicator, and before adding it press cancel produces error.
- While Speed Scrolling, Press F5 (Refresh Chart) produces error.
- When Loading New Candles From The Server, and in The Waiting Mode, Press F5 (Refresh Chart) produces error.

12) VertexFX Smart Dealer (Delivered as optional VAD):
Automatic quoting system that accepts or re-quote coming orders according to the required settings.

13) VertexFX One-To-one Auto Clearing Bridge (Delivered as optional VAD):
Automatic clearing (hedging) system with other VertexFX clearing house system, you can define where you want to hedge your positions through this bridge settings and accordingly it’ll do the rest of the job.

Released On July, 04, 2008

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