VertexFX 9.0
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Hybrid Solutions is proud to announce about the new version of VertexFX Trader 9.0 which has the following features:

This important feature proves that our system is user friendly system which allow you to choose your favorite language among a list of different languages.

Connecting Through Proxy Server: 
For whom who connect through proxy, VertexFX has the solution to broke this and start trading smoothly.This feature allow you to connect normally through proxy server by simple configuration inside the system and without any need for other software or installations.

From Tools -> option -> Symbol Settings -> Interest tab you can specify how the Interest is calculated for every symbol. 
Just set the values of interest parameters and they will apply on the calculation formula for interest.

SMS Details Report:
Through SMS details report you will be able to retrieve all information about sent SMS

Maintenance Margin Report:
This report show you the margin call for clients with other details.

Auto Broker If Amount <...:
This new Parameter allow you to limit your clients auto trading to certain amount of lots and give it different values for every symbol.

Maintenance Margin Parameter:
Control this parameter values and for every different symbol to reflect on margin call value when you request it. This can be done by --> Right click on any tree node (office/client) --> Parameters --> select Maintenance margin --> override (add your value). To call the report goto to Reports--> Maintenance Margin Report --> It will give all clients according to the new Maintenance Margin whose Free Margin less than zero. 

Interest AS General Parameter:
From the General parameters tab, control the interest to be applied for certain client(s) or not.

Liquidation type:
Now, from parameters -> general tab you can give every client(s) different liquidation type instead of setting the same type to all clients.

Liquidation Point:
Now, from parameters -> general tab you can give every client(s) different liquidation point instead of giving the same value for all clients.

Conditional Auto Broker:
Forget unlimited auto broker for clients and use this option then control auto trading using the parameter Auto Broker If Amount <:

Stop Trade If Prices Stopped:
From symbol settings -> Trading times tab for any symbol, you can stop trade on this symbol if its prices stopped for a while.

Close Selected Positions:
Just check the box and click on "Close selected positions" in the trade tab and close all of your open positions immediately. Also check more than one desired position and close them together.

Close From Net Trade:
Now, by right click then close you can close any group of positions from net trade tab.

Total Row In History:
From history tab you can see the row total at the end of this window to know the totals of different columns in history tab. 

Save Settings:
Now you can make your favorite interface by add/remove toolbars, icons, and screens then the system will save your changes automatically after close it.

Show Tick Chart as List:
Read the tick chart in simple way as a list and use refresh to read any new tick.

Save Tick Chart Bitmap: 
Allow you to save the tick chart for certain symbol as a picture at any moment to use it later.

New order from chart: 
Right click and take new order from the desired symbol chart. 

Show the chart as a list: 
right click and show as list, then you can view the chart as a list where every row represent a candle.

control the colors of drawings: 
Right click then objects and change the drawing to any dnesired color. 

Fibonacci retracement: 
Now you can edit the Fibonacci retracement and change the levels values as you like. 

Server bad connection system detection:
As the connection between client and the server got bad, system will detect it quicky and accordingly prevent client trading due to market watch slow/old prices.

Parallel Processing Enhancements:

System parallel processing is enhanced to a level of increasing the performance for bulk data loading as Reports or charts. Besides, this loading is not impacting other actions in the client or back office where user can work normally during report generation or chart loading.

Certified and regestered at microsoft:
(VertexFX Trader)® Version 9 is now Publisher Certified and registered at Microsoft. No Unknown Publisher problems may be faced or any related publisher security issues. Microsoft Windows OS including Vista is recognizing VertexFX Trader with its publisher Hybrid Solutions.

VertexFX Web Trader (VAD):
You can now trade without downloading the system; just visit your MM website.

Released On March, 06, 2008

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