VertexFX 8.0.0
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VertexFX BackOffice Side:

Product (symbol) detailed definitions:
From Tools?option? Ssidymbol settings, you can now define new symbols, define the contract sizes and other parameters related to the calculation formula.

Margin Requirement Type:
Now you can specify how to calculate the margin requirement in 3 options
1- Don’t compute hedged positions
2- Compute one of the hedged positions
3- Compute the two hedged positions.
You will find it from Tools?option? configuration. 

Tick Orders and Liquidation:
Orders and liquidation are now calculated according to the system received tick, which speeds up the chance of hitting the order or the liquidation.

Liquidation Point:
Through this option you can specify the liquidation point either Value (equity) or Percentage (margin level), i.e. when liquidation point reach to 5% (Margin Level) the account will liquidate.

Commission calculation type option:
From Tools?option? configuration you can specify how the commission is calculated:
1- Either at opening the position.
2- Or after closing the position.

Price changing:
Prices are stopped automatically when the trade is closed.

Main tree node deletion:
Dealer is prevented from deleting the main tree node that he is logging on, where this was causing problems if done before.

Multi-session Client option:
Now you can determine if your client can open multi session by his account or not from tools? options ? configuration.

Transaction Log:
Through this option you can specify the number of maximum rows to be displayed in the transaction log screen from tools? options ? configuration.

Liquidation Type:
By this option you can choose which type of liquidation either by Equity or by Margin Level from tools? options ? configuration

Liquidation Option:
Now you can liquidate any client manually. When matching the liquidation condition, all open positions will move to the chat screens for this account waiting the confirmation for liquidation.

Adjustment Description:
You can add description to explain the reason of adjustment.

Performance Tuning for Net Trading Report:
Now you can get a report for the two types of Net Trading Reports 21 times faster than previous time.

Client parameter reflection performance tuning:
When you change any parameter for your client will reflect the change for that parameter just for the symbol you have selected, i.e. when change visible parameter for EUR/USD the reflection will occurred only for this symbol not like the previous time it was reflect for all symbol and it take time shorter than previous.
The reflection on summary occurred just when change Margin requirement parameter. At the end you will need time shorter than previous when change any parameter. 

Do not Liquidate: (Version 8.1.0)
By this feature the account will never liquidate

Account liquidation message: (Version 8.1.0)
A liquidation message will be sent for any liquidated account.
Solved Bugs:
A "Buy Stop" orders fix: (Version 8.1.0)
A "Buy Stop" in version 8.0.0 bug has been fixed.

VertexFX Client Side:

Add Templates:
This option prove that our system is user friendly system which allow you to build your strategy and add all indicators you need in certain study for specific symbol and execute the same strategy on other symbol when you want, so now can save your study as a template to use it another time.

Save Settings:
Now you can make your favorite interface by add/remove toolbars, icons, and screens then the system will save your changes automatically after close it.

Alerts Module:
You can create or remove alert for monitoring a certain symbol BID/ ASK price, i.e. when EUR/USD bid price < 1.2523 system will produce sound alert.

VertexFX Trading Language (VTL):
New release language for building trading strategies in a simple and easy scripting language. In the strategy center, trader can now build:
1- Customized indicators: bases on the built in 61 technical indicators and any other scripting, trader can now see the market trend upon his strategy online.
2- Scripts: trader can build any trading strategy script and perform back testing with powerful and details testing report output. However, up/down arrows are drown in the chart to show buy and sell points according to that strategy script.
3- Optimizers: by this part, trader can study the market according to a strategy script and produce the optimum period for best buy, sell and exit points.
4- Alerts: Create your own script and attach? it to the chart so that system will produce sound alert when this script hits.
5- Auto Trades: Write your own script for buy or sell and leave the system do the trade automatically for you!

Tick Chart:
This new window will allow you to monitor prices for the current symbol tick by tick. Every tick reaches to your system will be drawn in the tick chart window. In order to show the tick chart for EUR/USD for example simply click on it from your market watch and activate the tick chart window
By the way, the last candle in the chart window is resizable candle. It takes new value every reached tick.

Symbol Screen:
We have changed the title of this screen to Market Watch

Trade Screen:
We have changed the label of Price to Open Price and Close Price to Current Price.

Account liquidation message: (Version 8.1.0)
A liquidation message will be sent for any liquidated account.

Released On November, 19, 2006

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