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This technology used for emergency purpose only, let us suppose that the main server is down for some reason such as hardware failure, disconnection of the internet in the domain where the server is set or any particular reason. And it is a mirroring system that reflects all the transactions from the main server to the backup server.

Now we are going to give you represent for you how this technology works in details:

  • First of all you will need to get a second server in different geographic location and set it for the backup technology, and it’s preferred that this server will be set not in the same domain or area where the main server is found. (Let's say that the main server is in US, then set the Backup Server in UK).

  • This backup server should have the same specifications of the main server or with higher specifications, and operating system should be Windows Server32 Bit as the main server.

  • Since the installation department receive the server and get an access on it, they will start preparing the needed application for the Online Backup.

  • For sure when preparing the backup server it must be done on weekends (when the market is close) because while the preparation procedure we will need to turn off all the system applications of the main server (to avoid any business down effect) and export all the data from your main server to the Online backup server.

  • After turning off the system applications on the main server, and exporting the data from the database then we will transfer the backup files and import it in the database of the backup server, so the database on the both servers will have the same data.

  • Then the installation department technical’s will install the backup mirroring applications on the both servers (Main, Backup Servers), and there are two applications:

  1. Client Online Backup which will be run on the main server.

  2. Server Online Backup which will be run on the backup server.

Take a look on the following images:

Client Online Backup:


Server Online Backup:


  • You can notice that on the bottom right of the Online Backup Server application that there is a green light beside the DB which means that the application is connected to the database, and if it is not connected it will turn to red light and will reflect on the monitoring system.

  • The monitor option is connected to the monitoring system in VertexFX support center and if the online backup is disconnected it will show immediately to the monitoring system and the technical engineer will access the server and handle it.

  • After running the online backup server applications on the both side, we will go back to the main server and run the main applications of the system, and the mirroring system will be working now.

  • Now when the market opens all the transactions will be mirrored to the backup server, and all the transactions will be reflected on the database of each server.

Switching the connection of the client and backoffice terminals to the online backup server:

After setting all the configuration of the online backup, and in case the main server became down:

  1. The technical support will wait for confirmation to start switching procedure to the online backup server, or the client can access his online backup server and do it from his side.

  2. He has to turn off the online backup application, then run the main system applications which will be found also on the online backup server.

  3. All what is needed now is to contact all the clients and dealers and inform them to connect the system using the backup server which will be found on the login screen.


  •  After inserting the username/ password, and selecting to connect to the Backup server from the Server blank, and click on login button and you will connect to the system using the backup server successfully.

  • Now to return the system to be connected using the main server again, we have to be sure that the main server is stable and it is safe to connect to it properly, and there is no issues on the server that will not affect on the system.

  • Then the installation department will wait till the weekend and export the data from the database of the backup server and import it again to the database of the main server, and apply the same steps of preparing the backup server.

  • It is recommended that the feed application must be configured on a separate server, so in case the main server became down the prices of the symbols will not stop after connecting to the backup server.

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