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Part Value Description
1 SuccessSymbolSettingResult Done result
2 InvalidLoginResult Not correct login
3 InvalidSymbolIDsResult Not correct symbolsIDs
4 InvalidSymbolsNameResult Could not change name value for multiple symbols
5 InvalidOpenDayValueResult Invalid given open day value
6 InvalidOpenTimeValueResult Invalid given open time value
7 InvalidCloseDayValueResult Invalid given close day value
8 InvalidCloseTimeValueResult Invalid given close Time value
9 InvalidDailyCloseTime1ValueResult Invalid given daily close time1 value
10 InvalidDailyOpenTime1ValueResult Invalid given daily open time1 value
11 InvalidDailyCloseTime2ValueResult Invalid given daily close time2 value
12 InvalidDailyOpenTime2ValueResult Invalid given daily open time2 value
13 InvalidDailyCloseTime3ValueResult Invalid given daily close time3 value
14 InvalidDailyOpenTime3ValueResult Invalid given daily open time3 value
15 InvalidTickPipsValueResult Invalid given tick pips value. It should be an integer value > 0
16 InvalidMarketIsClosedValueResult Invalid market is closed value. It should be 0 or 1
17 InvalidDDESourceValueResult Invalid DDESource value. It should be like i.e. "SOURCE1, 00:00, 10:00, SOURCE2, 10:01, 23:59
18 InvalidIsUsedValueResult Invalid given is used value. It should be 0 or 1
19 InvalidPipLocValueResult Invalid given pip location value. It should be between -6 and 0
20 InvalidContractSizeValueResult Invalid given contract size value
21 InvalidMoveIfClosedValueResult Invalid given move if closed value. It should be 0 or 1
22 InvalidIntEnabledValueResult Invalid given enabled symbol value. It should be 0 or 1
23 InvalidIntBuyRateValueResult Invalid given buy rate value
24 InvalidIntSellRateValueResult Invalid given sell rate value
25 InvalidIntYearDaysValueResult Invalid given year value
26 InvalidIntDayCloseValueResult Invalid given closed day value
27 InvalidIntSatDaysValueResult Invalid given Saturday value
28 InvalidIntSunDaysValueResult Invalid given Sunday value
29 InvalidIntMonDaysValueResult Invalid given Monday value
30 InvalidIntTusDaysValueResult Invalid given Tuesday value
31 InvalidIntWedDaysValueResult Invalid given Wednesday value
32 InvalidIntThrDaysValueResult Invalid given Thursday value
33 InvalidIntFriDaysValueResult Invalid given Friday value
34 InvalidStopTradeIfNoPricesValueResult Invalid given stop trade if no prices value. It should be 0 Or 1
35 InvalidStopTradeSecondsValueResult Invalid given stop trade seconds value. It should be a Value larger than 4
36 InvalidRequotableValueResult Invalid given requotable value. It should be 0 or 1
37 InvalidBackColorValueResult Invalid given back color value
38 InvalidJustCloseValueResult Invalid given just close value. It should be 0 or 1
39 InvalidBuyOnlyValueResult Invalid given buy only value. It should be 0 or 1
40 InvalidExpDateValueResult Invalid given expiration date value
41 InvalidSymbolTypeValueResult Invalid given symbol type value
42 InvalidDirectValueResult Invalid given direct value
43 InvalidRefCalcValueResult Invalid given reference calculation value
47 InvalidUnitValueResult Invalid given unit value
48 InvalidMOTypeValueResult Invalid given market order type value
49 InvalidPairNoValueResult Invalid given pair no value
50 InvalidSpreadTypeValueResult Invalid given spread type value
51 InvalidEnableDelValueResult Invalid given enables delivery value. It should be 0 or 1
52 InvalidInterestTypeValueResult Invalid given interest type value
53 InvalidParentID Invalid given parent ID value
54 InvalidNewParentID Invalid given new parent Id value
55 InvalidMainUnit When pass the invalid main unit factor , must be more than 0.
56 NoPrivilage When don’t have a privilege to change or create symbol.

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