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 Public Function DetailedOpenPositionsReport(ClientID As Integer, AccountType As Integer, SymbolID As Integer, PositionType As Integer,TransTag As String) As CallingResultsEnum


This function used to get detailed open positions report that shows the open position details for all the accounts under the given client number. After DetailedOpenPositionsReport executes the ReportDataReceived event fire.


Parameter Description 
ClientID This report shows the open position details for all the accounts under this client, as value of type Integer.
AccountType The type of the accounts that will appear in the report, wither it is for the normal accounts or for the coverage accounts, as value of type Integer.

1 normal accounts
2 coverage accounts
SymbolID This report shows the open positions details for this symbol , as value of type Integer.
0 means all symbol.
PositionType This report shows the open position details for this type
0 : means all
1 : buy type
-1 : sell type
TransTag String value used to mark the requested report when the result came from server

Return value
Return value of type CallingResultsEnum, if the request sent to server successfully it will return SuccessResult


 Private Sub OpPoRe_Click (ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles OpPoRe.Click

        ‘BOAPI is a predefined variable as CVertexBOAPI10

         Dim vSymbol As COSymbol

         vSymbol = BOAPI.SymbolByName ("USD/CHF")

         If (vSymbol IsNot Nothing) Then   

            Dim Result As CallingResultsEnum

             Result= BOAPI. DetailedOpenPositionsReport (BOAPI.RootID, 1, vSymbol.ID, 0,"")

         End IF

 End Sub 


The result of this report contains many details, the following table shows each column description:

Data row Index Column Name Description
1 Account Shows the account ID for each client under the group that you have chosen for the generated report
2 Ticket The ticket ID of each open position
3 Time The open time of each open position
4 B/S The type of the position (Buy/ Sell)
1 : means Buy Type
-1 : means Sell Type
5 Amount The amount of each open position
6 Symbol ID The symbol Id of each open position
7 Price The open price of each open position
8 ClientID The client Id for this account
9 Commission The commission of each open position
10 TransTag The same string which sent by the requested report.
11 Interest The interest value for each open position

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