Common Errors and Constants
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Common Errors and Constants

Name Code Description
TradingIsClosedError -5 Trading session is closed
OrderAlreadyProcessed -6 Request order is already processed
NotEnoughMoneyError -2 Not enough money to make a position
PositionClosedError -10 Position is already closed.
CannotHedgeError -4 Hedging is not allowed
PositionInPendingModeError -11 Position in pending mode
MarketConditionError -50 Market condition violated
BadConnectionError -51 Bad connection
InternalError -200 Web Service internal error
LoginRequiredError -201 Login is required
InvalidAccountError -202 Invalid account identifier or account is not accessible by logged in client
InvalidTicketError -203 Invalid ticket identifier or ticket is not accessible by logged in client
InvalidOrderError -204 Invalid order identifier or order is not accessible by logged in client
InvalidAmountError -205 Invalid amount
InvalidCloseByHedgeError -206 Error closing given tickets with each other
InvalidLoginInfoError -207 , -1  Invalid username or password
SymbolNotFoundError -208 Invalid symbol name or identifier
InvalidDateFormatError -209 Date format must be in DD/MM/YYYY format
NoDateFoundError -210 No data found for given identifier
InvalidOrderTypeEror -211 Order type is not buy neither sell
CancelLimitOrderError -212 Could not delete limit order
DeleteSLTPOrderError -213 Could not delete SLTP order
UpdateSLTPError  -214 Couldn't update SLTP order
NewLimitOrderError -215 Couldn’t place limit order 
UpdateLimitOrderError -216 Couldn’t update limit order
LimitOrderNotFoundError -217 Limit order not exist or processed
LimitOrderDeletedExecutedError -218 Limit order not exist or processed
IsReadOnlyError -219 Account is readonly, cannot trade
IsLockedError -220 Account is locked, cannot trade
SendingMailError -221 Could not send mail to department
SendMailInvalidUserError -222 Invalid user /sending failure 
JustCloseSymbol -223 Symbol is in just close only
BuyOnlySymbol -224 Symbol in buy mode only
DateISNotLogical -225 Not logical date
InvalidDepositeAmountError -226

Deposit amount is not valid

MarketOrderNotFound -229

Invalid order ID

InvalidOrMissingParametersError -227

Missing parameters or invalid given value.

InvalidPrice -228 Invalid price value.
AllLotsAreManaged -230 Open managed order with a position previously had managed at the overall amount.
 NoAccount -231 Login with a client does not have an account.
InvalidLogin -232 Not valid login .
InvalidOperationType -233 Not valid money trans type.
InvalidSerial  -235 Enter invalid serial.
HedgeingNotAllowed -248 When hedging not allowed.
InvalidUsername -240 Create client with used client username.
NoPrivilege -241 When making an operation the dealer does not have a privilege on it 
InvalidClientID -242 When passing invalid client id.
PositionIsClosed -243 When making an operation on the position already closed 
PositionHasSLTP -244 When making an operation on the position has SLTP.

-246 When making an operation on the position that already processed.
DataBaseError -247 unexpected database error 
NoData -1000 Request returned 0 data in list



GetHistory operation has returned more than 3000 rows and so you’ll need to call it with isPaging=true to retrieve remaning rows



When making any operation on the freezed position



When changing password and the old password is the same of the new password 



When changing password and old password is invalid 



When enter invalid password



When enter invalid price for delivery



When enter invalid period for chart function

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