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Our CEO Letter to Customers During COVID-19
Posted by BahaaAldeen Al Momani on 07 July 2020 12:05 PM

Dear Customers and Visitors,

While the world is still recovering from the economic implications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the burden should not be exclusive on individuals to do their role in the recovery, thus taking the right steps to

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Limitation on VertexFX WCF API applied
Posted by Hybrid Solutions on 21 June 2020 06:34 AM

Dear sir

Recalling our announcements before, we are applying these days new Limitations to the VertexFX public WCF API for security reasons, those who did not report their plugins or apps for what they use it for, will experience limitations in WRITE functionalities (Market or limit orders ..etc). READ ONLY functionality maximum will be enabled if not stopped completely if not having need to use it. This is an essential security action that should do more protection against any

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VertexFX Physical Trading (Bullion Trading)
Posted by BahaaAldeen Al Momani on 19 June 2020 08:35 PM

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VertexFX IOS Mobile Trader New Release
Posted by Omar Hanash on 19 June 2020 11:49 AM

Dear Valued Customer,

We are glad to inform you that we have released a new build of the VertexFX IOS Mobile Trader 1.1.5 and it has been published on Apple Store.

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An Exceptional Opportunity Awaits You
Posted by BahaaAldeen Al Momani on 19 June 2020 10:47 AM

Dear Valued Customer/Partner,

We know how the implications of COVID-19 pandemic has been hard to businesses and
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